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The Blue Orchid Resort, at the north tip of one of the few white sandy beaches in Moalboal, is tucked away on the Southwest corner of the picturesque island of Cebu in the Philippines. This long and narrow island is located between Negros and Leyte, and is part of the Visayas, the central group of islands in the Philippine archipelago. And is one of the main Philippine tourist spots. The resort is nestled between two of the areas cherished natural treasures.

To the left, the resort is just minutes walk from the kilometer long white sandy beach of ‘bas dako’ (Big Sand) and visibly to the right lies a stunning tidal rock formation known locally as ‘mag payong’ (umbrella stones). The resort offers quiet and peaceful breaks in paradise for sun and sea worshipers all over the world. Diving in moalboal offers some of the most bio-diverse in the world, mixed with local adventure tours we aim to show the full range of the wonders on offer in the Philippines.

The Blue Orchid Resort Moalboal is a municipality consisting of over 15 Barangays (Villages) in which the Blue Orchid belongs to Barangay Saavedra. It is 55 miles from the city of Cebu.

Tourists first began visiting Moalboal in the 1970′s based on scuba diving and beaches, it began in the small but now bustling tourist barangay of Panagsama (Basdiot) which is a 15-20 minutes tricycle ride from the resort. The village has no sandy beach but consists of dive centers, bars, restaurants and lodge style accommodations and offers a reasonable night life for the provinces of the Philippines.

White beach (Basdako) where the resort is located has more recently become a tourist destination, renowned for relaxed, laid back and picturesque scenery and crystal clear waters and one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Philippines just a short paddle from the resort and the white beach. The Barangay has developed a more exclusive reputation over the past few years.

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The Blue Orchid Resort – Moalboal Cebu Hotels
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