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Camarines Sur is a province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Its capital is Pili and the province borders Camarines Norte and Quezon to the north, and Albay to the south. To the east lies the island province of Catanduanes across the Maqueda Channel.

Camarines Sur is the largest among the six provinces in the Bicol Region both in terms of population and land area. Its territory includes two cities: Naga City, the lone chartered city, is the province’s and the region’s religious, cultural, financial, commercial, industrial, and business center, while Iriga City, a component city, is the center of the Rinconada area and Riŋkonāda Language. Lake Buhi is where the smallest commercially harvested fish can be found, the Sinarapan


Camarines Sur lies at the center of the Bicol Peninsula. The province is also the largest in the Bicol Region with a land area of 5,266.8 square kilometers. At the center of the province is Bicol Plain. Surrounding it are mountains, two of which are Mount Isarog and Mount Iriga. The eastern part of the province lies on the mountainous Caramoan Peninsula, which faces the island of Catanduanes to the east.

The Bicol River drains the central and southern parts of the province into San Miguel Bay. Mt. Asog is surrounded by three lakes: Buhi, Bato, and Baao.

Getting there:

By Air:The Province of Camarines Sur is located in the central part of the Bicol Region, south of Metro Manila. Air Philippines flies daily to Naga Airport in Pili and to Legaspi City. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air also has daily flights via Legaspi City. travel time by air takes 45 minutes to an hour.

By Land:Air Condition/Ordinary Bus travels from manila to Camarines Sur daily. travel by land takes 8 hours.

Tourist attractions

Our Lady of Peñafrancia Church in Naga. There are 19th-century churches in Goa, San Jose and Sagñay. The world’s smallest fish is found in Lake Buhi. There are two active (or considered dormant) volcanoes with trails: Mount Isarog and Mount Asog. The beaches of Sagñay, Sabang (Partido) and Caramoan have coral reefs, and white and black sand beaches. Pasacao is known for its beaches, hence, it was called as “The Summer Capital of Cam. Sur”

What to do in Camsur:

Camsur Watersports Complex
Camsur Watersports Complex Office:Provincial Capitol ComplexCadlan, Pili, Camarines SurContact Number: +63(54) 477-3159Fax Number: +63(54) 475-7806
is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing. For beginner riders to the professional wakeboarders and skiiers from all over the world, CWC offers a 6-point cable ski system, coupled with restaurants, sand bars, spas, pro-shops and grand stands to hold guests. Riders can also enjoy their favorite water sports at night as the park will be equipped with spotlights that allow for it even to be open on evenings. Because of the good weather 10 months a year, the variety of sites to see and competitive pricing. Camarines Sur will be the cable skiing Mecca of Asia.

Dolphin Watching
Camarines Sur’s latest addition to the roster of ecological sites is the Ragay Gulf where marine enthusiasts will be fascinated by the dolphins of Camarines Sur. Spotted dolphins, Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins and bottlenose dolphins are permanent residents of the stunning exhibitions.

Bird Watching
CamSur is home to a great diversity of endemic and migratory birds. Bird watching in Camarines Sur can be done in a variety of areas such as the Caramoan National Park, the marshlands of Calabanga, the Ragay Gulf and even in the Ecovillage located within the Provicial Capitol Complex, in Pili, Camarines Sur.

The Deer Farm Ocampo
The deer farm is entirely stocked with different species of Australian deer such as Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Red Deer, and Elk. Owned by the Camarines Sur government.

The Ecovillage
Discover this enchanting retreat within the provincial capitol complex. A perfect harmony of modernity and natural splendor, the Ecovillage is an ideal tourist destination.

Sun, sand and sea… hundreds of islands waiting to be explored… seascapes with varying depths and infinite shades of blue, dazzling underwater coral gardens, skyscraping limestone formations covered in a rich green hue.

Top place to visit for beach lover is the Caramoan island.
The Caramoan Peninsula has gained tourism popularity in recent years. After the place has been featured in the news and local television programs, local and foreign travelers started to explore the virgin beaches of the peninsula.
To get to Caramoan from Manila, one may either take a 9-hour bus ride or a 1-hour plane ride to Naga City (377 km South of Manila). From Naga City Central Terminal, one may take a van to Sabang port. Travel usually last for 1 hour. From Sabang port, there are small commercial boats that ferry passengers to the Caramoan Port. Schedule of hourly boat departure starts at 5 AM. Boat ride usually lasts for 2-hrs and cost Php120.(3$) One may take a jeepney or a tricycle to go to the Centro or the Gota Beach.
It is best to travel the place with a local since the best beaches and sights are far from the Centro and Gota Beach. Activities may include diving, swimming, snorkeling and spelunking by day; and stargazing in the evening. There is no electricity or mobile phone signal on the island.

there are several historical landmarks to visit in Camsur from old churches, spanisg garrison camp and old universities.

Museums are also worth a visit in camsur.

When to go:

Being situated in a tropical country, Camarines Sur offers only two seasons: the wet and dry season. Dry season ranges from March to June providing for a sun and sand summer holiday for the beach lovers. It is also summertime making it the busiest season of the year where everyone has to sit back and relax at any quiet spot of one’s liking or frolic at any famous or not-so-famous beach resort. The month of June to August suggests an ordinary school and work day for most Camarinenses. While the ?ber? months carry with them not only a cool change in the breeze but also a string of seasonal events such as the renowned Pe��ancia festival, the ?undas? (All Soul’s Day) and the Christmas season.

Banks and Credit Cards

Commercial banks are open from Monday to Friday. Banking hours are from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. There are however a number which starts banking transactions as early as 8:30 and ends at 5:30 in the afternoon.
Major establishments such as department stores, malls, some restaurants, boutiques which are mostly found within the two cities of the province already accept credit cards.

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Camarines Sur
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