Malapascua Island

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Malapascua is both a peaceful, remote tropical island with an awesome beach, and a diver’s paradise destination. There are some fantastic dive sites near the island, the most famous being the Thresher Shark dive. The island is 3 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide, with a population of about 4,000. The main beach (Bounty Beach) has white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The west coast is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. A walk or tour of the whole island can be done within half a day. Malapascua Hotels and Resorts are mostly budget hotels, but the higher end hotels are of good value.

The name Malapascua means “Unfortunate Christmas” in english. there’s nothing unfortunate if and when you experience the beauty that the white sand beaches that the island has to offer. It is situated only 8 km off the northeast tip of Cebu Island in the green, blue Visayan sea. Malapascua lies in the middle of the Philippines. It is an archipelago, which attracts the majority of the country’s tourists.

With the growth of tourism on Malapascua Island, there has been an increase in opportunity for many locals. However many residents of Malapascua Island still fish for sustenance. The beach is dotted with small outriggers and often fish lie preserving in the sun.

Some of the tourist says, it is the new Boracay. Far from as crowded as the famous Boracay, yet simply accessible from Cebu’s international airport, this little paradise has everything the sun-worshipper or adventurer seek out. Take a dive in the crystal clear ocean at the break of a World War II Japaneese ship, go snorkeling among the fishes at the many coral reefs surrounding the island, take a tour around the island, or just relax in the white sand and let the wind in the palm trees soothe you to sleep.
Driest climate is between Feruary-May, but okay for the rest of the year but with mostly short period of rain. Once you’ve gone here you’ll always keep coming back.

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Malapascua Island
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